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About us

Mary (Scary) has always enjoyed crafting hobbies of one sort or another in her spare time and in recent years developed a passion for the design of handmade and personalised gift cards for family members and friends. Her cards started to be noticed by work colleagues, friends of friends, and friends of relatives who offered to pay for them. At first, Mary charged very modest amounts for her cards in order to just cover materials and feed her hobby. Over time, the demands for her cards became such that all of her spare time outside of her full time employment was absorbed in the design and hand assembly of cards.

As luck would have it, Mary's husband Steve also has a long term hobby which is not totally unrelated to crafts. He has been building and flying large radio control model aircraft at shows around the country. This hobby involves a lot of engineering and design skills. Another remarkable spot of luck is that Steve's long term career is in the print and folding carton industry which provided the necessary skills, knowledge and contacts required in the development of Scary Mary Cards.

The design and development of the keepsake models came about by accident after Mary discovered a commercially available template of a 3 D model which proved to be very difficult and time consuming to cut out and assemble. We decided to develop and produce our own fully assembled models for sale to the same customers who were already purchasing cards. When the demand for these early models outstripped our ability to produce them, we decided to make them available on a commercial basis and so spent hundreds of hours developing the models to make them extremely easy to assemble and suitable for mass production.

The models are very complex and difficult to produce and it is only with Steve's detailed knowledge of the machinery and production techniques and many hours spent with the manufacturer that the current range is of such high quality and so easy to assemble. We will continue to expand the range and offer new models to our customers.

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