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Part of our new range of keepsake kits, the Deluxe Wedding and Celebration Cake kit can be bought singularly or as a pack of 3. We have provided the maximum flexibility in the purchase of these kits by giving the choice of two colours for the Wedding Cake metallic pillars and layer boards (Gold & Silver) along with a choice of coloured lights (White, Pink, or Red). The kits include a large clear PVC box, new larger and deeper platforms (The top platform has oval holes cut around the perimeter to hold the lights), one set of lights (3 sets of lights in the 3 pack) and an extra set of instructions to show how the light battery box can be concealed under the bottom platform within the PVC display box. Either the Wedding Cake or Celebration Cake model is included. We also offer a discounted price for the bride & groom/celebration figurines when ordered with the kits. 

Please Note: These models do not include decoration or figurines. They are in white card and provide a 'blank canvas' for you to decorate & personalise with colours, flowers, ribbon etc. The figurines may be ordered seperately at discounted prices as shown.

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